Thursday, July 23, 2009

write about what is different between the U.S.and your country?

1. In my country different between the u.s. Because inmy country cold a little and u.s. alot cold in my country don't see snow we don't have tonado.
2. Hello, my name is franco. in my country is different from the u.s because in my country don't have snow, no cool in my country winter is little cool but no to much in country is hot. In my country did not speack English and my country not have alot of cars.
3. My name is Cristian I came from Saivador. My country not have snow, tonado and my country very hot long time.
4. Hi, my name is Vanny I came from Laos. My country very different from the U.S. Because my country very hot long time, don't have hamburger, pizza, KFC, and any Amarican food. In my country if who want to study more who have to pay alot of money and my country never have snow.

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