Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Person who Influenced me the Most

The Person who Influenced me the Most,
by Rosa

The person who influenced me most was my father. My father always did the right things, for example he taught me how to be a responsible person for the future. He had to work on the farm when he was only 13. He could not go to school.
My father suggested that it is important to keep studying. He always wanted me to be a very good person.
My father told me “you have to study because I want you to be a good person and learn about how to be responsible.” I went to the school and almost finished my career.
My father told me why it is important to keep studying because no body can lie to you if you know what the people are saying in any letter.
My father is the most important person in my life. He loved me unconditionally and He cared for me when I was a child. He was thinking about my future. He wanted me to have an easy job.

The Person who Influenced me the Most


by Marcela

My mother influenced the most was my mother, because she was a happy person all the time. She was patient, and loved her kids very much.
My mother despite the hard situations she had in life always smiled and never complained, even if problem made her sad or angry, and just said be happy. Like when my father was without job for long time she found the way to help him.
She was patient. When we had troubles, always listened carefully and quietly; she gave us the possible solutions. My mom became sick very young but she never gave up; she was smiling and suffering patiently until she died.
The most important thing that showed was her love for all us, did not matter what happened she love her kids very much. Her love, patient and happiness, give me the inspiration. That dictates my mood.
Today I remember my mom and it helps me to be a better person. How to love everybody is the best thing I learned from her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Greg gets beautiful Karen clothing!

Wedding Party for Teacher Andrea and Greg!

Alley Shoppe

The children have one book, glue, pen markers, crayola. He is happy. Mrs. Wiehe give student and chilren five folders, five books, one ruler, one glue, five pens, five pencils, one markers, one backpack, one colors, one scissors, one eraser. I like go to the shopping every day. I like go to work Alley Shoppe every day. I like put the clothes in the box and children clothes. I like write the lales and put in the box. Thank you so much Mrs. Wiehe. Good bless you.

School Supply Shopping in Alley Shoppe

I pick up for children 10 pencils, 5 notebooks, 1 backpack, 1 scissors, 1 ruler, 1 box colors pencils, 1 box colors markers, 5 folders and wite out and 5 pens. I am holding pencil, notebook, backpack, scissors, ruler, colors pencils, colors marker, folders, wite out and pen. I give my children. My children very happy. I am happy. Good Alley Shoppe. Thank you all teachers. Happy parent.

By Tin Hlaing

Back To School Shopping at Alley Shoppe.

The students go shopping for school supplies and Mrs. Wiehe give me notebook and pen, pencil many thing. Some stuent take notebook some stuent take another. Thank you very much. Nice for Mrs. Wiehe is very happy all the student go shopping every week. Monday the student has Alley Shoppe some student take out markers some student take out many many school supplies. I hope for Mrs. Wiehe is very happy all the time the student around the table. Alley Shoppe store many thing. Alley Shope store is very important someone come take out anythin. All the student like Alley Shoppe. I go home the children look the please is veryt happy. The children counting.

By Ser Dee