Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Person who Influenced me the Most


by Marcela

My mother influenced the most was my mother, because she was a happy person all the time. She was patient, and loved her kids very much.
My mother despite the hard situations she had in life always smiled and never complained, even if problem made her sad or angry, and just said be happy. Like when my father was without job for long time she found the way to help him.
She was patient. When we had troubles, always listened carefully and quietly; she gave us the possible solutions. My mom became sick very young but she never gave up; she was smiling and suffering patiently until she died.
The most important thing that showed was her love for all us, did not matter what happened she love her kids very much. Her love, patient and happiness, give me the inspiration. That dictates my mood.
Today I remember my mom and it helps me to be a better person. How to love everybody is the best thing I learned from her.

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