Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden For May

First time we go to pick dirt on the garden in to the church and we pick on the pot. We mixed together the dirt and rock in the pot.After we buy the flowers in the market .Andthem we plant the flowers tomatoes and chilipaper in the garden.

the june garden.

in june we picked the grss, the plants grew. some vegetables. grew some plants had small flowers we looked vegetable plants tomatoes plants.

Garden in july

we picked the grass. we picked the vegetable. we saw the fruit. we saw the flower.we saw the many color. we saw the tall vegetable.we are going to the pick fruit going to eat.
May in the garden I plaint the Flower in vegetable plaint the tomato in chilipalple in myne vegetable they are to gaethe in plaint the vegetable

garden to july

we walked in the garden .we picked the grass wepicked the begetables and we looked at the flowars. we put the dirt in the garden .

in the garden there are chili pepers ,tomatos,cabbages, cucumbers, green onions, cilantros,carrots,and bitters.

in the garden we use hoe and water can.

Garden in june

We watered the plant.We picked the grass.We saw the chilipepper flower.We saw the tomato fruit.We saw the tomato,flower,chilipepper and egg plant growing up.