Thursday, July 23, 2009


He was born on November 14, 1954 in Kalamata, Greece. He is a self taught pianist, keyboardist and composer. He was swimmer in Greece. At the age of 18 he attended the University of Minnesota. After receiving a B.A. in psychology he would instead seek
A life in music though he had no formal training and could not read a note.
He earned Grammy nominations for his 1992 album, Dare to Dream, and the 1993 follow-up in my Time, but his success came with the 1994 release of Yanni live at the Acropolis deemed to be the second best selling music video of the time.
He sold over 20 million copies around the world.
Yanni is considered to be one of the top fundraiser of all time for public television.
His compositions have been included in all Olimpic Games, television broadcast since 1988 and is extensively in sporting events.
His music is frequently described as new age.

By Marcela

barack obama

Barack obama
By daphne

Barack Obama is a happy person. Barack Obama’s mother and father died when he was young. When he was a teenager he smoked marijuana, did cocaine and drank alcohol. He was born in 1961. he was a professor of law.

Summer in Minnesota--Level B

In the Minnesota sometime cold and sometime hot. Usually the people like every hot. The people like walk in the park. Sometime the people go to see the zoo in the summer we will see the many flower and tree. We will see the beautiful. Summer in Minnesota go to outside play with friends. Summer in Minnesota also the people plant the vegetable in the garden. The people swimming in the lake and fishing. Sumer in Minnesota they eat watermelon and ice cream water fruit.

By Ser Dee, Anali and Thoo Thoo Moo Day

The Summer in Minnesota--Level B

The summer in Minnesota. We like to shopping to play the park and lake walking and exercise. We like come to school everyday because summer easy go to school learned English more. Picnic in the weekend food hamburgers hot dog beef and drink soda juice beer.

By Eduardo, Chong and Mu Gay

Summer--Level B

The summer Ra Say and I like walk at the lake. She likes to go to the park sometime like too because summer very hot. We like go to outside and walk to do exercise. We are going to the Phalen Lake. I see too many people walk and run. I see my old friend last ten years ago. I very happy because long time. I can not know where he lives now I see he again.

By Curt and Ra Say

Arlington Hills School Garden Story--Level B

In Arlington Hills school students have the garden. Every weekend Monday to Friday 4 students water the garden. We are very happy. The garden is beautiful because all students take care the garden. Today July 15 09. Students go to outside pulling the weeds. Pick the vegetable and water the garden. Right now vegetable and flower grow very beautiful. The students pick the tomato radishes and lettuce. We are eat together the students very happy.
by Htoo Ku, Paw Sha and Gabriela

Alley shop

To day is thursday JULY 23 09. I am going to shop in Alley. I have one Tshirt. The color is gray and purple . It is very nice shirt. My T shirt says Catholic school. My group number was one. We went shopping in Alley shop. Group number two They are writting work in alley shop.Group three They are writting summer. What are they do and they are like the summer. My group number one. I have go fisrt. I saw to many Tshirt and to many shose those shose for the woman very nice and to many colors.
by curt vue

write about what is different between the U.S.and your country?

1. In my country different between the u.s. Because inmy country cold a little and u.s. alot cold in my country don't see snow we don't have tonado.
2. Hello, my name is franco. in my country is different from the u.s because in my country don't have snow, no cool in my country winter is little cool but no to much in country is hot. In my country did not speack English and my country not have alot of cars.
3. My name is Cristian I came from Saivador. My country not have snow, tonado and my country very hot long time.
4. Hi, my name is Vanny I came from Laos. My country very different from the U.S. Because my country very hot long time, don't have hamburger, pizza, KFC, and any Amarican food. In my country if who want to study more who have to pay alot of money and my country never have snow.

alley shoppe story

in the alley shoppe many people came to need the clothes and we need to something in the alley shoppe one week and one time the students working togather we write the label put the clothes in the box every week teacher gat students two thing we very happy we put the clothes in the hanger we check the clothes and we check the label everybody working togather in alley shoppe sometime we sewing machine in alley shoppe
by gabriela, htoo ku, thu lay wah and ra say

Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden Story--Level B

Pull on the weeds and pick on the vegetable radishes, lettuce, green beans, carrots. The student pull on the weed. We cleaned the garden washed the vegetables turn on the hose. After came to class cleaned the vegetables. Teacher Bethany cut all the radishes and lettuce give all the student ate together. The student ate very good.
Thank you.
By La Moo, Hugo and Thu Lay Wah

Summer--Level B

On the summer we like go to the park. We play go outside. We go to the zoo we see the animal beautiful. We like eat outside. We like summer because it is not cold. It is good time for go everywhere. We can do a lot things. We like summer very much.

By Franco, Kyi Wah and Tin Hlaing

Story About Garden--Level B

The garden at school we planted outside and inside. It is very beautiful. We planted outside the vegetables lettuce, carrots, salad, cilantro and green beans. The inside we planted tomato, chilis hot peppers, cucumber and egg plant. Today we were student weed the grass pulled the vegetable and washed. We were students very happy. Today the class has 22 students some people water the flowers some water the garden. After we were ate the lunch and the vegetables. Finally we will draw the names won someone to take home.

By Say Hae Baw
Taw Naw Paw
Jose Luis

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers in the Garden

There are flowers in the garden. Flowers are yellow, pink, orange, red, white, purple, blue. Ta Pay Pay likes pink. Saw Baw likes blue. Wah Hae likes orange. Kwar Paw and Thu Bee like yellow. Dar Dar and Nhia Yang like many colors. Nya Khin likes red.

- by Level A

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Level A's Tribute to Michael Jackson

Level A sings "ABC, 123" in memory of the late Michael Jackson.

Monday, July 6, 2009

my new life

My name is America;
I'am from mexico, I have been in Minnesota for 10 years, I need to learn speak full english because my two daugthers are growing up and they speak more english than spanish TV friends
my husband speak onky english so I need to comunicate more with my family, also for jobs,
if you don't speak english there is no opportunity to get a better job.

Also Ido not know how to use the computer. so that's way
I want to learn to speak english and use the computer.
for my family, myself, our future.

in the us

In the us I am tried to make better life for myself end my family right now I am single but probably in the future I will get married end I want to make something for my self.


I from Honduras, i have lived 1 year in Minnesota.

now i want to write about Me in my country and US.
I started work at 6 years old, then I went to the school and worked.
I got a welding certificate, then I work in a college like a teacher, in 2003.

Then I come to the US in 2003,I lived in Miami Fl. I worked in construccion and some famous restaurants.
then I moved to Minnesota. I worked in roofing but I had an accident the last year.
now I can't work because I have some problems in my spine and hand.

How your life has changed in US. by Surinder

My life totally changed in the US. In India I worked for the State Govt. all my life. That was a very good job. In the US,I did't find a good job. Some of jobs very hard and heavy lifting I miss a lot of friends and relative. I came here six year ago and I have not any good friends like India.I also miss many cultural program and festivals here.In the US life has the same schedule every day like eat food,go to work,sleep,but no fun in my life here.

wedding in my Country by Christina Hae

I from Thailand, I have bee in Minnesota seven months. Now I want to write about wedding in my Country. In my country, I saw many people get wedding. Before they get married they buy many foods to eat for wedding. They decorate the church very nice. They use a few time for wedding. Usually they get married at the church, but some people get married at office. They don’t have a car, So They walked at home to church. The bride wear a white dress and the bridegroom wear the white shirt and black coat and then wear the black pant or jeans. But some people wear the Karen nice clothing. And then when we hear the bell rings first time, The grooms men send the groom to the church first, and then when we hear the bell rings second time, The bridesmaid send the bride to the church too. When the people send the groom and bride, they sing the wedding songs. And flow the music. The Pastor makes their marriage, and they give the promise in front of the people and then the bride and groom with their parent and pastor singe on the married certificate. The pastor gives married certificate to groom and then the groom give to the bride. Some people sing a song for the bride and groom and then many people come to the wedding, and bring many gifts. They get many gifts. When they get married they take picture. That is vanish they go home and take many food to eat. They are very happy to get married that day.


I’m from Thailand, and my family. I got a married on April 9,2003 years in the Thailand. The wedding time I wore a white dress, gloves, veil, high heels and made beautiful flowers. And my husband wore Karen coat, neck tie, black pants and black shoes.
When I had a wedding time my relatives came to help me to preparation with any things.
Before the wedding day we had a concert at night time .In the same day. We celebrated the wedding ceremony and at evening we worshiped in our house. I got a married in the church and I had also other best friends to be bridesmaids. And then .I was a big party.
Guests and many people came, some people brought gift for the wedding. Then I received many kind of gifts for the wedding. All our guests were gone be early after noon we had decided the day . Before that wedding day would be a good time in the church together . Before we invited our friends , guests to join us and had a meal together after the wedding . Before when my wedding time we had a concert about wedding sang. And
After we all took the pictures when we finished planning the wedding .

My wedding time by Wah Wah Say

I got married on August 14-2004 in Thailand. First we a green to got married. And my husband family spent money for my dress, veil, high heels, and food. I only spent money to pay for the Pastor.
We got married in the church. My husband went to the church with his best friend and I followed him. After I got married. Me and my husband gave food for people how came to the wedding. In the evening we came back at home and we celebrated and sing song and eat food and we worship and we thank the God and we thank who people came celebrated our party and me and my husband we were very happy.

Teacher Jen Wedding Party.

On july, 2, 2009. We all the students from the different levels decided to celebrate a party for teacher Jen. Where we had to bring different kind of wedding stories. So level ' A ' and 'B' decided to give wedding cards to her. and level 'C' wrote letters about wedding in their Country.And cook two cakes for the party. So two students of level 'C' read the wedding stories. After that the other teachers brought the dress for teacher Jen. And teacher Jen threw the flowers then all women try to catch it. After that everybody sang the wedding song. Finally teacher Jen and her husband cut the cakes and all students ate together, and some people took a picture.