Friday, April 20, 2012

Garlic Mustard

Yesterday both our job clubs worked with staff from the Big Urban Woods to help remove exotic plants.

Our job was to help remove Garlic Mustard which is a non-native plant to Minnesota and has taken over this particular area. Our students were very excited about this, because they love to eat it!

It was a cold, damp day, but our students were up for the challenge and dug right in!

                             Sa Ki Na and Harlimaree show off their Garlic Mustard Bouquets


         Students also helped to remove other plants such a burdock, honeysuckle, and buck thorn.

 Than Thin shows me some stinging nettle by saying, "It's hot teacher! It's hot!" My response? "Put it down!"

                               Paw Lam Mung and Ah Pyon take a quick photo break

                                                       Mu Mu hard a work

                      Joe, one of our supervisors, and three students help to remove a buck thorn bush

                  All together our students removed over 120 bags of garlic mustard! All in a days work.

This morning Joe dropped of a homemade bread (still hot!) for the students as a thank you gift of all their   hard work! It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Capitol Tour

Last week both Employment Readiness classes were able to take a tour of Minnesota State Capitol.

A very crowed school bus with 64 students pulled up in front of the building and the bus was filled with Ooooos and Awwwws. The students were all very awestruck by the beauty of the building both inside and out.  With the help of our lovely tour guides, Mimi and David, the students were able to learn all about the history of the capitol building.

                                                 Group one on the capitol steps

                                   Tour Guide Mimi tells about where the laws are made

           Saw Kaw Lo was very excited to pose with the flags in Governor Dayton's reception room

                                           Posing with a statue in the rotunda