Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween~ Carving Jack-O-Lanterns and Roasting Pumpkin Seeds: Level B

First, we selected our pumpkins.
We cut off the lids.
We cut around the stems.
Next, we cleaned out the inside of our pumpkins.
We took out the seeds and the pulp.
We saved the seed for the cooks in the kitchen.
We threw away the pulp.
The pumpkins did not have very many seeds.
In Burma, the pumpkins had many more seeds.

We drew our faces on paper.
Then, we started to carve the pumpkins.

We carved eyes, noses, mouths, teeth, eyebrows, mustaches, and ears.
Ma La Ki took photographs the whole time.

Some people were carving pumpkins.
Other people were telling stories and laughing.

When the four pumpkins were done, we put them up on the counter.
We lit candles inside.
Now, they are called "Jack-O-Lanterns."

The Jack-O-Lanterns were beautiful.
We turned off the lights and watched them glow in the dark.The cooks in the kitchen mixed the seeds with oil and spices.
  • 1 1/2 cups of seeds.
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil.
  • Spices to taste.
Then, they spread the seeds on baking sheets.
They baked the seeds in the oven for 30 minutes.
The oven was set at 300 degrees.
Everyone liked the roasted pumpkin seeds.
They tasted very good.
By the end of the day, they were all gone!

Thoo Thoo and Chong were happy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Transportation Unit - Level C

This month at Arlington Hills we've been studying transportation. Below are Level C learners' stories about transportation in their countries. Enjoy!

transportation buy lucia

transportatin in My country,is the people do not repect tha signs .

busses in my country are full, everyday.
transportation in my city isnot efficient
transportation in my country isnot clean

About transportation in my country.

A lot of transportation in my country. I don't like transportation because it's not really good and not safe. But most people in my country are using it. The bus transportation in my country are so bad, it's really stinky of the food. And we have transportation 3 tire, it's very noisy.
In my country the trasportation is slow on expesive.
ther have tow type tha bus tha type fris isexpesive becuase this have t.v.
on is more clean.

the ohter bus is more chiper becuase this bus have more rute.
the mos people weite the chiper bus.

Transportation in my country is not safe.

Transportation in mycountry is not safe
The buses are too old, and the divers drive too fast.
The roads are narrow, and the asfalt has a lot of ho-
les,and the city is too small, but we have a lot of cars
in the city.
by Adan

The transportation in my hometown is very dangerous

In my hometown most the drivers don't respec the signs,even if they see people walking on the street! So we have to watch all time and move to the side when they're coming,because if you don't do that they will run you over.
The bus drivers drive too fast to get more people first, because if another bus or taxi go before them they wont get enough people into it.
The other big problem is that, they overload the buses to get more money.For example if the bus has the capacity for 60 people they get more than 80 sometimes, so thats why we have accidents all the time.

Transportation in our is crazy by Christina Hae

When we stayed in our country. We always walk to the market and When we go to the another place we take a bus. Somepeople have no money to pay for transportation, So they walk very far. They must sleep on the way. In the night and the morning, they go again and they arrive to the another place. Some people take a bus when they go to the another place. The driver want to get more money and bring many people in the bus, In the bus people full and on the bus top people full too.The childrens have no sit in the bus.Some people must stand up at the bus botton. Sometime we use the bick when we go to school. Some people ride elephant when they go to the wather fall in the forest.

Transportation in my country is dangruos buy May T Lay

I like going to visit to another village. But if iwalk it is too far and prefer i want to ride in the car .When i wait the bus is already full with people. But the bus driver tell us, you can came to ride. There are alot of people in the bus. '' People have no where to sit down, so they have to ride onthe roof''. Some time bus turn over alot people die. So transportation very dangruous.

The bus transportation is different between U.S and Mexico by Yolanda

The bus transportation is different between U.S and Mexico.I think the transportation in the U.S is more efficient than in my country.Because here there are stop signals,and run more frecuently than in my country. And they are also more safe. In my country,the bus drivers don't care if people are sitting or standing. They want to earn more money.Also they don't drive carefuly.And the prices depend on what distance you are going.
My name curt vue I went to visit to laos .the goverment doesn't have rules. The transportation in my country is very crazy . They are driving crazy. The people who walk on the road are not safe. I think transportation is dangerous. please goverment get out the light see other country change transportation safe for my peaple .some car three wheers run the side walk .Those car they used for taxi .I went to visit in my country. I saw the car three wheers run . They don't have the rules


The trasportation in my country daes not offer good services.Trasportation includes busses and taxis.I say the services are not good because the busses came too late.And drivers are very rude people.Sometimes they with other drivers,go too fast.So think they don't do a good job.


Arlington Hills Learners Read at The Loft

On Thursday evening, October 15, adult learner authors came together at The Loft to share their stories. Above are pictures of four Level C learners who read stories: Khin Than Ye, Christina Hae, Lucia Ayala and Adan Gonzales. Scroll down to posts below to see some of their individual stories.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Karen History by Khin Than Ye.

I want to read about Karen history.
Most of Karen people in burma are having problems surviving.There are several main causes for this trend.The first reason is because of the pressure from burmese soldiers and the sccond reason is starvation.These are the major problems that Karen peoples have to face in their life.
The first reason that Karen people in burma are having problems surviving is because of soldier's pressure.Burmese soldier's come in to the village and destroy the farms,burn houses and villages have to flee away.When soldier's come in to a villages ,they are very cruel.They kill innocent children and rape women and young girls.Many men are arrested ,some men they bind their feet together and hang them upside down.Soldier's also catch and beat them with bamboo.Karen people have to be virtual slaves of the army.
The sccond reason that Karen people are faced with hunger because of the climate change.The climate is changing and they had a hurricane so they couldn't raise enough rice.Two years ago in burma,they had an extremely bad hurricane and destroyed many things in burma.Most of Karen houses were destroyed .They didn't have food to eat and many children were hungry and died Their farms were also not good for raising rice and that caused them a big problem.Some areas also didn't get enough rain for their farms and they couldn't do anything because most Karen people live by farming.
They were having problems surviving because of the war.In the Karen state ,they had a war between the burmese and Karen soldier's.Karen and burmese soldier's attacked eachother and villager did n't dare to stay in village and they had to hide in other places.They didn't have enough food and that caused disease.They didn't find shelter or get enough sleep .Some children cried,hungry and because of malnutrition.

My memories by Christina Hae

I have many memories. I remember When I stayed in Burma, I didn't live with my parents. I live with my Grandparents. My Grandparents love me so much and I love my Grandparents more than I love my parents. When they went to the forest, I always fallowed them. I went to fishing with them and I was so excited. They are farmers. Every year,before they planted rice, They sent me to plant the rice first.I planted just two or three plants and they did everything else. Why did they do that? Because they love me so much. I felt their love like the sunshine, shining on the flowers. I got pleasure When I stayed with them. But When they die. I was very upset. I felt under the weather. After they die. I went to stay with my parents. My parents had many problems with the Burmese Soldiers,because they were slaves. Many people in my village had problems like my parents too. They had no job and they had no money but they always had to pay tax to the Burmese government. Then the Burmese soldiers came to burm our village. We couldn't stay there. So we ran away to the border. We ran we had to climb up and down mountains. We had no food. We ate the leaves and banana trees in the forest, and then we arrived at a refugee camp in thailand. When I was 14 years old my parents were divided.My mother went away and my father went away too. My brother and I stayed in the camp. My brother was 7 years old. I took care of my brother while. We had money, Just 20 Bath. I and my brother went to eat bread. If I bought it. I had no more money. I thought What can I do? and I made chocolate and sold it at School and my brother helped me too. When my brother got sick, I was very upset. I was worried he would die and my tears came down. I carried him on my back and then I brought him to the hospital. Sometimes I got sick. I couldn't do anything. My nelghbors loved me so much and my teachers love me so much too. They helped me, They brought me to the hospital and they cooked food for me. I love my nelgbors and my teachers so much because they were very kind to me. I will never for get their help. My studies didn't end and I wanted to study more but I had a problem. I didn't have money to buy food and to buy candle for reading. I found a job in the camp and soon after,We had an opportunity to come to the U.S.A. I decided to come to the U.S.A, but I couldn't speak English. Before I slept, I prayed every night. I belived Jesus would arrange everything for me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Arlington Hills Learners in St. Paul Almanac

Four Arlington Hills learners published stories in the 2010 Saint Paul Almanac: Adan Gonzales, Chong Xiong, Sain Thin and Richard Shwe. Each learner received two copies of the book and a $75.00 award.
Above are pictures of Adan, Chong, and her daughters, along with their teacher, at the 2010 Saint Paul Almanac book release party. Adan was one of ten authors who read his story during the celebration.