Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My memories by Christina Hae

I have many memories. I remember When I stayed in Burma, I didn't live with my parents. I live with my Grandparents. My Grandparents love me so much and I love my Grandparents more than I love my parents. When they went to the forest, I always fallowed them. I went to fishing with them and I was so excited. They are farmers. Every year,before they planted rice, They sent me to plant the rice first.I planted just two or three plants and they did everything else. Why did they do that? Because they love me so much. I felt their love like the sunshine, shining on the flowers. I got pleasure When I stayed with them. But When they die. I was very upset. I felt under the weather. After they die. I went to stay with my parents. My parents had many problems with the Burmese Soldiers,because they were slaves. Many people in my village had problems like my parents too. They had no job and they had no money but they always had to pay tax to the Burmese government. Then the Burmese soldiers came to burm our village. We couldn't stay there. So we ran away to the border. We ran we had to climb up and down mountains. We had no food. We ate the leaves and banana trees in the forest, and then we arrived at a refugee camp in thailand. When I was 14 years old my parents were divided.My mother went away and my father went away too. My brother and I stayed in the camp. My brother was 7 years old. I took care of my brother while. We had money, Just 20 Bath. I and my brother went to eat bread. If I bought it. I had no more money. I thought What can I do? and I made chocolate and sold it at School and my brother helped me too. When my brother got sick, I was very upset. I was worried he would die and my tears came down. I carried him on my back and then I brought him to the hospital. Sometimes I got sick. I couldn't do anything. My nelghbors loved me so much and my teachers love me so much too. They helped me, They brought me to the hospital and they cooked food for me. I love my nelgbors and my teachers so much because they were very kind to me. I will never for get their help. My studies didn't end and I wanted to study more but I had a problem. I didn't have money to buy food and to buy candle for reading. I found a job in the camp and soon after,We had an opportunity to come to the U.S.A. I decided to come to the U.S.A, but I couldn't speak English. Before I slept, I prayed every night. I belived Jesus would arrange everything for me.

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