Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Karen History by Khin Than Ye.

I want to read about Karen history.
Most of Karen people in burma are having problems surviving.There are several main causes for this trend.The first reason is because of the pressure from burmese soldiers and the sccond reason is starvation.These are the major problems that Karen peoples have to face in their life.
The first reason that Karen people in burma are having problems surviving is because of soldier's pressure.Burmese soldier's come in to the village and destroy the farms,burn houses and villages have to flee away.When soldier's come in to a villages ,they are very cruel.They kill innocent children and rape women and young girls.Many men are arrested ,some men they bind their feet together and hang them upside down.Soldier's also catch and beat them with bamboo.Karen people have to be virtual slaves of the army.
The sccond reason that Karen people are faced with hunger because of the climate change.The climate is changing and they had a hurricane so they couldn't raise enough rice.Two years ago in burma,they had an extremely bad hurricane and destroyed many things in burma.Most of Karen houses were destroyed .They didn't have food to eat and many children were hungry and died Their farms were also not good for raising rice and that caused them a big problem.Some areas also didn't get enough rain for their farms and they couldn't do anything because most Karen people live by farming.
They were having problems surviving because of the war.In the Karen state ,they had a war between the burmese and Karen soldier's.Karen and burmese soldier's attacked eachother and villager did n't dare to stay in village and they had to hide in other places.They didn't have enough food and that caused disease.They didn't find shelter or get enough sleep .Some children cried,hungry and because of malnutrition.

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