Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dar Baung

Today is Igo to the gardn Isee the tometosumflower petunnia.

Ree Meh Dar Baung

Today I see the tomato .I see the pepper and cherry tomato.I see the garden in petunia-purple chili pepper zucchini.Garden is many flower .The name is sun flower punpkin green yellow flower whith many flower in the garden.Today I see in the garden onions,cucumber.I see the beatutiful garden.

jULIANA AND Ler ka Paw

I wast to write about a flower .IS flower are grow any place.ChiliPepper is Plant beautiful .But everypeople eat very.Tomatoes is very good in garden.Petunias purple zuccini and veri nice tod day.

htoo swein -

I see the tomato plants I see the today very big.I see the tomato we have a flower we have a tomato small.

I the pepper the garden very good .To day I see the pumpkins very big.

I see the sunflower very nice.maybe I see the cucumber very nice.

I see the some good some not good.

small green the a tomato.

John Ner ri

I want to write something a bout is a chili is very beautiful vegetation.It has some of has growing day by day.In the garden i see aome of pumkine.It has some small fruit and some flower.there are many vegrtation in the garden.And tomato is a deffernt plant. It colour is green also it fruit is green Now we can not eat fruit because it fruit is very small.It fruit grow tail it colour red you can eat.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too ber garden

I go to tomato play i do the rock and dry and pot idopot thetomato and the pot

Siepo.Ber pgarden

Today i see tomato getting bigger so i see pumpkins getting bigger i see the pumpkins flower i see the sunflower very nice so i see cucumber getting bigger acucumbwr flower i see peppers agreenbeans so petuninflower plants water i see daonions a chilis to

Thursday, June 17, 2010

AH mwee hay gay paw

today in the garden we saw the dirt needed today in the garden we saw the to day we saw the tomoto we change the tomoto spray water we plant the tomoto change the small to day is sun hot today in the garden we saw the tomato and flower petumra pumpkin cucumper chilipepper sunflower isvery nice zucchini petuniapurple getting bigger grow small corn small tomato

Arlington hill school gander--Pow Htoo.

Today in the gander we saw the dirt needed water.we see the flower very beautiful.

Pa dah in the gerden Any.

Today in the garden we saw the dirt needed water.I see the sunflower beautiful for me.

juana in the gardenl

tthe plantoday in the garden we saw the dirt needed water.look the plant much long

Sanayma and ehdahkee in arlingtonhills garden

To day We go to the garden we saw many vegetables grew and very beautiful.but they need water.We put the rocks in the pot and put the dirt and plant the tomato in the pot with watering can we water the plants in the garden.To day we go to garden we saw
the tomatoes grow and small tomatoes 20 to 25 tomatoes and chili peppers grow and vegetables grow and pumpkin has many flowers and zecchini has six and cucumber has
flowers and bean has flowers and sunflowers grow has small flowers.but they need waters.

Arlington hills garden nehmeh and lahshwe kyi

Today we goto garden we saw the many vegetables we saw the pumpkins.we pot ther rocks
in the pot am tomato.we sawthe

Amy --- Sample Garden Post

Today in the garden we saw the dirt needed water.

Arlington Hills Garden Ree Meh Dar baung

Today in the graden we saw the dirt needed water.Isee the punkin aflower beautiful.
I see the pepper very hot.Isee the many tomato plants small cherry 16 pot and big tomato 28 pot.Today I go to tomato Garden because change the small tomato plant.And I
spary water on the tomatos.