Friday, June 26, 2009


on june 12 tv change we didn't see a picture we didn't see a temperature go up or down. we needed the box. We will see a picture and We will know about the temperature We were studant very happy.

By Say Hae Baw, Chong Xiong, Ra Say and Taw Naw Paw

Michael Jackson

In Thailand many people like Michael Jackson because he had good sing song and all people like him and all the people like to listen because they listen onthe CD they very happy. We like sing song again. Today I think about all people remember Michael Jackson because he had good people.

by Paw Sha and Thu Lay Wah

why do you go to english clas what do you like?.

Because we want to talk with America people when we go to shopping. Sometime we want to talk english with children and we want a good job in United States it is correct for we family.
We like english because we learn english and we understand english.

And we have very good teacher Patient for everyone in class.

By Artemia Medina, Vanny Saysaoyang, and Tin Hlaing

What did you do in the garden?

Today We were weed the grass. We thinned a vegetables and planted cauliflower hotpeppers in another place in beautiful garden. We pulled the weeds and watered the garden. It is very hot today.

By Say Hae Baw, Chong Xiong, Taw Naw Paw, and Ra Say

I came to Arlington hills school

I came to english class practice english speaking .I like arlington hills school I learn english very happy. Teacher learn english every day good .All student like teacher.Icame to english class speak more english.I came to english class I learn speaking ,writeing,reading, and computer.sometime Iwent to Alley shoppe.

By Thoo Thoo Moo Day, Eh Mu and La Moo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Day

Today is summer.
Today is sunny.
Today is hot.
Today we are sweating.
Today drink water.
Today wear t-shirt.

Level A Class

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The garden is beautiful because all the students like the garden. Now it is spring the garden is growing. All the teachers are happy. Everyday students water the garden. In the garden plants the vegetables and flowers. Where the garden is beautiful view. Many people see the garden very happy. Right now vegetables and flowers grow the students and teachers take the pictures very happy. All students eat vegetables very strong.
Thank you so much.

Arlington Hills Level B Class

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mr Jerry tiller on the dirt.
Many students clean the stones and grass.
Dirt in the pot and plant tomatoes, chilies, cilantro, eggplants.
Put in the stakes and put in the fence.
Plant broccoli, onions, green beans, flowers in the garden.
Water the plants everyday.
We like cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, onions, radishes.
We feel happy.

Arlington Hills Level A Class

Arlington hills school

In our school we have Karen, Hmong, Spanish, Burmese, and somali speaking student come in our school.

we learn about different cultures in our school some time we have party and bring different food and we ea together and we talk together in English. Some time we joke because we are classmates.

We have opportunity to study English because this school is free. In school we work as volunteer at Alley shoppe. We also learn computer, reading, writeing and speaking in English. also we plant the garden and we like to plant and all students are happy in the class and for planting.

Beautiful garden

We are student at Arlingtonhills school. We planting some flowers and vegatables.The garden is very important for students, because we learned how plant the healthy vegetables and it make exercise when we planting flowers and vegetables. There were 20 students in the garden. We built the fence because is important protect all plants with the fence. We planted tomato plant in the buckets, and we put inside the courtyard of the school. All students and teachers planted together in the garden, after that we took the pictures. The garden is important for the students, because we can eat fresh veagtables.If we can learn planting at school in the future we can plant ourself and save money and we can live happy for ever.

Thank you from

Ada'n, Khin than ye, and wah eh.