Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful garden

We are student at Arlingtonhills school. We planting some flowers and vegatables.The garden is very important for students, because we learned how plant the healthy vegetables and it make exercise when we planting flowers and vegetables. There were 20 students in the garden. We built the fence because is important protect all plants with the fence. We planted tomato plant in the buckets, and we put inside the courtyard of the school. All students and teachers planted together in the garden, after that we took the pictures. The garden is important for the students, because we can eat fresh veagtables.If we can learn planting at school in the future we can plant ourself and save money and we can live happy for ever.

Thank you from

Ada'n, Khin than ye, and wah eh.


  1. I'm very happy to see that you have a garden. What kinds of vegetables did you plant?

  2. It's fun to see you in the garden. How many hours did you spend getting ready and planting? Wonderful!