Monday, November 23, 2009

Level A: Self Portraits

First, we turned off the lights.
Next, we drew the shadows.
Then, we turned on the lights and wrote about our lives.
Finally, we glued images from magazines to our papers.

Here are some photos of our project.

Level B: Jessica Cox's Life

In November, all learners at Arlington studied the topic of disabilities.

Level B studied the life of Jessica Cox. They researched her life on the internet, watched videos, and read her life story in class. Then, they worked together to write about what they learned.

Here are some photos of their final projects.

For more information on Jessica's life, here is her web site:

Thursday, November 12, 2009


on tuesday I talk to about work
he is from minnesota
his favorite subect is Social studies
his goal for after high school are finish high school
last tuesday the high school came and I talked with they about studies
I think they are very nice people very young too and I like talked with inteligen people
Tuersday ,I talked with a studens tha high school.
I ,remnber Alex he tall me abaut hes family.
He have gol for tha future he like study for teacher.


on tuesday,I taked to about what kind of job he would like to do after graduate.He is from MN. He study in coon rapids High school.He favorite subject is: science socials. His goals for after High school are to be a constructor worker like his dad. Because he likes that kind of job.
Khin ye
On tuesday,I talked to Jake and Grant they are from in Minnesota and then they are goes to Coon Rapids high school. Jake favorite subject is Science and Grant favorite subject is math.They're like in their school a lot of things.They're finish high school next year.
Noe perez:
On tuesday of this week,I talked to one of the students from Coon rapids high school.
He is from the U.S.and he goes to a high school in coon rapids,I asked him
On tuesday, I talked to Alyssa and Caitlyn. She is from MN. She goes to high School. Her favorite subject is science. Her goals for after high scahool are Collage.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Level B ~ Our Community

November 5, 2009

What this place is called?

What can you do here?

What are these signs called?

What do these signs mean?