Monday, July 6, 2009

wedding in my Country by Christina Hae

I from Thailand, I have bee in Minnesota seven months. Now I want to write about wedding in my Country. In my country, I saw many people get wedding. Before they get married they buy many foods to eat for wedding. They decorate the church very nice. They use a few time for wedding. Usually they get married at the church, but some people get married at office. They don’t have a car, So They walked at home to church. The bride wear a white dress and the bridegroom wear the white shirt and black coat and then wear the black pant or jeans. But some people wear the Karen nice clothing. And then when we hear the bell rings first time, The grooms men send the groom to the church first, and then when we hear the bell rings second time, The bridesmaid send the bride to the church too. When the people send the groom and bride, they sing the wedding songs. And flow the music. The Pastor makes their marriage, and they give the promise in front of the people and then the bride and groom with their parent and pastor singe on the married certificate. The pastor gives married certificate to groom and then the groom give to the bride. Some people sing a song for the bride and groom and then many people come to the wedding, and bring many gifts. They get many gifts. When they get married they take picture. That is vanish they go home and take many food to eat. They are very happy to get married that day.

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