Friday, March 30, 2012

Jessica's level 3-4 classroom was humming with commercial activity this morning.  Students could be overheard saying things like "Would you like to open a store card and save 15% today?"  Long classroom tables became shopping aisles and students were armed with calculators, shopping lists, and fake money as they took turns playing customer, cashier, and sales associate.

Simulations like this give learners a chance to "put it altogether" and practice using all of the skills they studied throughout the March "Shopping" unit.  Once totals were tallied, change counted back, and receipts in hand, learners sat down to write about their experience.  Here are a few excerpts... 

I wrote a list when I go to the store.  I looked for the aisle -I can find.  If I don't find I can question to the Sales Associate.  The Sales Associate can show me everything in the store.
When I find...I go to the cashier.  The cashier check out and total money.  I can pay cashier.  They give me money and receipt put in the bag for me.  Usually we need receipt every time.  The receipt important for any people to buy things.  -Chong Moua Xiong -pictured above in green shirt

In English class today, we practiced shopping.  I talked to the other people.  I was a cashier. I talk to the other customer. Some people were sales associate.  Customer ask [questions] for sales associate...Cashier check out...Customer say" How much money?" Cashier say "$45.60" Customer give money for cashier.  Cashier take your money. -Char Ku Moo, pictured above as cashier

For class today we practiced shopping.  I was a customer go to shopping.  I write the list.   I look at the list and going find on the aisle 3.  I take a lamp, go to aisle 2, take a sauce pan and coffeemaker, go to aisle 1, take a toilet paper.  I go to check out.  Cashier count total $106.00.  I pay $120.00.  Cashier change $14.00.  -Dung Nguyen

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