Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving at Arlington Hills

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving by having our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck!

Each class was in charge of cooking their own dish:

Teacher Cammy's class : Mashed Potatoes
Teacher Andrea's class: Sweet Potatoes
Teacher Jessica's class: Vegetable dish
Volunteer Class: Stuffing
Children's English School : Decorating

Teacher Andrea was gracious enough to be in charge of cooking all three turkeys and many volunteers helped by donating food or money!

We had over 80 people come to the party and had enough food to serve at least 100! Nobody went away hungry!

We even had musical entertainment from Teacher Cammy, Teacher Kirsti and Teacher Andrea's Husband, Greg.

                                                   Getting the sweet potatoes ready!

Cutting the apples

Carving the turkeys!

Reading the instructions on how to cook stuffing

Cutting the veggies 

Pam helping serve pie at the party!

Officer Lund stopped by for a visit and some food!

The happy teachers!

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