Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good-Bye Garden!

We said good-bye to our gardens for this year and got them ready for the winter. 

Teacher Jessica's class, led by her sister Liz that day, took care of the courtyard tomato and chili pepper gardens.  They stored the potting soil, sifted out the rocks for drainage, pulled the plants, and stacked up the pots.  Some of the students took chili pepper plants home to try planting them in their apartments over the winter.

Teacher Marya's class took care of the outside church garden.  They pulled up all of the plants and got them ready for Jim to take to the compost heap.  They took down the fence and the sticks for trellising, and got them ready to store in the garage for the winter.  It took us weeks and weeks to put everything up in and around the garden, and less than 10 minutes to take it all down.

The marigolds were still beautiful!

Teacher Andrea's class took down the Sue's Park garden.  They pulled the fence, pulled all of the plants, and said good-bye until next year. We have to say a huge thank you to the wonderful Hmong family that allowed us to use their water for the garden so that we didn't have to carry water from the church.  They saved our backs and arms from a lot of work! 

Bal Tamang wrestles with the fence.

How many students does it take to pull out a fence post?

Nga Reh decides to take the sunflower heads home for a snack.

Aung Moe Kyaw shows us how strong he is.

We carry the vegetables back to the church to send with Jim to the compost heap.

Teacher Andrea's class is very grateful to Santiago's family, who allowed us to pick apples from their huge apple tree in their backyard.  

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